Monday, January 5, 2009

project 365


I had to pick up the camera as soon as I saw this! Connor got this guitar for Christmas from Santa and he loves it! He points out all guitars and tells us who's it is...I guess he was getting tired but never wanted to quit playing so he just chilled out hahaha!


This is my yummy sushi! I LOVE LOVE LOVE sushi! Husband man bought it for me at the new Kroger. I wish every store had good sushi like this.


WASABICIDE 4 LIFE! This is my best friend and me doing what we do! Yes we might be crazy a little but we love it. It's ok if you don't understand us! This was taken with my webcam (can you tell I love my new computer?) at her house....yes we were at her house this time!! (we are always at mine cause she works out here and Dustyn doesn't go out much.


This shot was taken by daddy (blurry duh!) Amelie is being tickled by my chin digging into her leg. She was laughing so hard she couldn't sit up straight! I love her laugh so much. She sounds like she is choking sometimes! What a cutie!

This is what I saw after waking up on new years day! What a night that was! We had the kids (it being on a Thursday and all) so we didn't ever expect anything like this! We had Chris and Amy come over and invited Robyn from next door and her friend Felicia. If you want to turn this pic into a game then it can be a wheres waldo kind of thing...try to find the wine glass in the salsa bowl! I hope everyone had a great one! and of course HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Hello everyone! This is going to be where my project 365 starts. I thought it would be fun to show people an entire year of my life just how I see it. This won't be a book about my kids or just my husband or anything like that. This is going to be a book with several different tidbits of my life. I hope you enjoy!

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